Pure Charity API


Pure Charity connects your website or application with our API to enable adding Pure Charity
events, fundraisers, event countries or sponsorships directly on your site.

The available endpoints are:
Events  /api/events
Fundraisers /api/external_fundraisers
Event countries /ap/countries
Sponsorships /api/sponsorships


How do I get an API key? 

You can request an API key for your organization by contacting our support team at help@purecharity.com. We’ll ask you about the following needs to make sure you are assigned just the right team members to make your launch with Pure Charity a success.

  • Will your organization need help installing the plugins?
  • Is your organization hosting their own integration or are hosting services needed?
  • Do you need help purchasing a domain name or managing DNS services?
  • Will your organization need to import currently active users or recurring payments to transfer?
  • Does your organization have currently active fundraisers, trips or sponsorships to move over?
  • Can we provide check handling services or ACH integration for you?