Import Guide

If you’re ready to import data to Pure Charity we’ll help you move your organizations data over. We will assign a folder for you to upload your files and arrange a schedule to import in the following order:

Fundraisers, Sponsorships, and Trips
(6 weeks ahead if moving payment processors, 3-4 weeks ahead otherwise)
Loading sponsorships, trips or fundraisers should be done as early as possible to make transitioning easy. If you have a handful of fundable items to import we can walk you through the process of using our web interface. You’ll be able to add the details online and preview them to make sure everything is ready to share with the world.

Have more than a few and need to import by csv? Our development team can load several fundraisers, sponsorships, or trips directly to the database and set them in preview mode for your review. Typically we recommend 3-4 weeks prior to launch or prior to donation imports. This allows plenty of time to review all items and allow for changes if you’d like to make any tweaks to your final product. The reference id assigned or provided for these fundable imports will be used in recurring donation imports and a completed import is required before moving monthly online donations. You can visit our fundraiser, trip, and sponsorship import guides to prepare your data.

User / Donor base
(2 weeks before transitioning online payment processors)
Prepare user transition, if applicable. See our importing user guide for required fields and instructions on preparing for user import. Users should be imported before any recurring donations or merchant processor transitions go into effect.

Online card processing
(30-45 days ahead of the time you want to receive payments through Pure Charity)
PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance requires that when moving from one web-based online card processor to another the transfer of that data must go from one merchant to another. Since there are a few more moving parts with this transition, the timing of the move will be important and should be planned at least 45 days ahead of the time you want to end service with your current provider.

Customer Relationship Management
Prior to moving your donor base over we will review your current CRM setup and help make sure your data continues to integrate easily. We provide an optional user reference id that can be used by your organization to connect with a primary key used by your existing CRM. This can be a Salesforce ID, constituent id, internal company id number, merchant processor id, or we can provide one for you. We can also help with the transitioning of your current CRM solution to the Pure Charity Salesforce App.